It’s snow time for playing

As Winter tightens its grip on the UK we are seeing snow fall for the first time in a good while. I love it when the snow falls as you get to experience the word in a whole new way. For some children this may be their first experience of the snow and what a wonderful thing. A familiar world becoming unfamiliar.

Playing in the snow holds such great possibilities from the fascination of discovering the way ice and snowflakes form, to creating snow people and sculpting forms and structures.

Landscapes which support the enjoyment of seasonal change are vital as is the time to enjoy them. The seasonal change creates whole new rafts of ways of interacting with playful topography. sledging and sliding. Time to play, we don’t want to hear that there is no time for play especially in this temporary wonderland that is a white Winter.

When the snow is really heavy I love the way that the streets are returned from car dominance, people move slower and there is a quiet that hits the streets, space becomes so much more child friendly.

I just hope that you all find ways to enjoy it whilst the snow stays for a while. Just don’t forget your vests.