Elemental Play

Boy with stick and Flag

Opportunities to engage with experience and explore the elements support us all in our understanding of the work in which we live. Our ability to manage, control and be affected by these aspects of the world help us to understand our own abilities and limitations. Earth, Water, Fire and Air are all powerful and changeable aspects of the environment around us.

Children pouring water

Elemental Play – Water

Chances and opportunities to play with these are becoming more limited by the reduction of access to the free roaming that children have in our current culture for play. But it is possible and desirable to provide for elemental play in children’s spaces whether through formal or informal provision.

Children playing with water

Elemental Play – Water Play

Those spaces where supervision is available also offer those first steps in to exploring the more risky aspects of these play materials. It is desirable that these possibilities are exploited as much as possible.


Elemental Play – Earth