Simply Play – In the Field

Play Value Assessment, planting      Play Value Assessment, Rose      Play Value Assessment, Planting

On 26th April 2012 Simply Play was taken to Hyde Park, London for testing in the field, the play field. Along with a group of well respected and highly knowledgeable experts from the world of play, three playable spaces in Hyde Park were visited and assessed.

 In addition to independent play consultants such as PLAYLINK there were, landscape artchitects, representatives from Kids, Play England, Play Scotland, as well as officers from a number of local authorities and representatives from Royal Parks.

The day was the culmination of 18 months research and modification of the play value assesment tool, Simply Play. With visits to three sites including an area that was playable though not a designated play space the assesment was shown to have versitility and application in a variety of spaces. The site visits were followed by round table discussions to support the refinement of the assessment.

Mark Gladwin, secretary of Yorkshire Play and member of Play England’s Strategic Board commented;

” Simply Play has the potential to expand understanding of what play is about; to foster critical awareness of the shortcomings of many so called playgrounds; and to provoke refelection on how playspaces can be improved.”

Yorkshire Play Newsletter Issue 6

Thanks go to all those who gave up their time to attend as their input and feedback was invaluable in the development of Simply Play.